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As Anti-oxidant/ anti-aging:

Standard dosage computation:

10mg per Kg BW (Body weight) per day.

Ex. 50kg male

50kg body weight x 10mg = 500 mg/day


As a Skin Whitener:

Computation should be IN DOUBLE INCREASED DOSE

20-40mg/Kg BW per day in 2-3 divided dose.

Ex. 50 kg female

50kg body wt x 30mg (median of 20 & 40) = 1500mg/ day in 3 divided doses


What is the duration of intake for skin whitening?


Medium brown skin:            1-3 months

Dark brown skin:                3-6months

Very dark skin:                   6-12 months

Black skin:                        2 years or more


Once a person has her desired skin color, the maintenance dose will just be 500mg once a day.

Note: Vit. C should be taken 1-2 times more than the dose of Glutathione to keep Glutathione in its absorbable (reduced form) and at the same time release the power of Vit. C derivatives whitening properties.

***The good news is, Nutrimaxx Glutathione With Green Tea Extract comes with sodium ascorbate (Vit. C) and powered by bioperine (enhancing nutrient absorption by 30%)!!!


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